Pastor Ken Muricho Masia

Founder/Administrator of Royal Gathering Children's Centre

Pastor Ken Murchio Masia is the Founder and Administrator of Royal Gathering Children's Centre. Other ministries Pastor Ken is involved with: 1. Lead Pastor of Lavington Pentacostal Church 2. Outreach to homeless boys of their city, and the Turkana tribe, an ancient tribe in the desert of Kenya.

Mama K Helton

Founder of Genesis 2/Ambassador to Royal Gathering Children’s Center, Kitale, Kenya

Kay "K" Bateman Helton is no stranger to ministering to people where they are. Age and spiritual knowledge have never been a challenge for her. She has learned from many years of ministry, that if you truly desire to change the world, change a generation. Kay and her husband, Joel, reside in Mooresville, NC.